Our history and our future

In 1980, Rosy Sarasini was given the task to supply the emerging Italian cosmetic industry with technological textiles for cosmetic powder presses. At that time, only one type of article was used: TA. Rosy chose to provide a new service to the cosmetic industry, selecting textiles that were increasingly more efficient and that answered to the new creative requirements of powder compacts.

A hard worker, she became a charismatic figure in the circle of Italian cosmetic producers. She grasped that no company growth would be possible without a perfect service that was able to translate customer needs into new technological solutions. She stood for a visionary way of thinking about textiles that allowed for changing over from the old cosmetic products to modern embossed and engraved creations.

NastriTex must continue to use this ability to meet today and tomorrow's challenges, supporting the research of new materials that enables the cosmetic industry to develop and grow.

1988 NastriTex's independent first location is inaugurated with the first issue of Piramide, current company logo.

1990 Not only textiles. Nastri-Tex introduces the first polythene-based article.

2000's NastriTex's exporting activities go as far afield as the USA. It consolidates its international role as supplier of the world's most important cosmetic companies, as well as a partner in business with manufacturers of cosmetic machines, exporting textiles and services all over the world.

2004 NastriTex, through vertical integration, starts to directly control all stages of the production process, from the supply of technical yarn to the textile finishing made according to customer specifications.

2005 NastriTex celebrates 25 years of Cosmetic history.

2006 NastriTex sets up an inner laboratory to provide customers with an advisory service on the proper use of materials.

2009 'Quality safe for the skin' An independent test institute, the International Oeko-Tex® Association, certifies that NastriTex's textiles are free of harmful substances and pose no health risks.

2011 NastriTex moves to its 2,000 m2 new environmentally friendly plant; significant investments are made to develop and implement the overall commitment to Total Service.

2013 Year after year, NastriTex has been working in an international context and has acquired an increasing awareness of its environmental, economic and social responsibilities. Only following sustainable development policies is it possible to play such an important role, where everyone involved - companies and community - can benefit.

2014 The Cosmopack Wall 2014 – 1st edition Innovation & Inspiration Award. NastriTex thanks all customers for their everyday inspiration and their trust in our innovations. With 35 years of know-how, NastriTex offers a passionate, professional team that enthusiastically pursues imaginative solutions for the future.


Seeking out specific and original solutions for our customers is not a complex matter. All it takes are a few clearly defined goals to be shared with both customers and our team:

  • cosmetic perfection is achieved by offering the greatest choice possible, and this choice is a result of product variety,
  • interpreting customer needs and helping them with the best solution to each particular need,
  • assuring certified and skin-compatible textiles,
  • a proactive approach that stimulates experimentation with new materials and technical 
  • constantly evolving know-how ready to back customers' inspiration with the latest and 
greatest technological solutions.


  • 220 tons of yarns
  • 40 million ribbon meters
  • 10 tons of ribbon waste recycled
  • 150 customers in more than 25 countries worldwide
  • 2,000 m2 of new headquarters
  • 1 in-house laboratory, 2 collaborations with internationally accredited research centres, 5 logistic bases in the world
  • 3 quality and safety certificates
  • 3% of sales invested for R&D