CSR Commitments

Being sustainable means creating value using resources in order not to compromise the needs of future generations.

The Environment

We must continuously reduce any environmental impact that may arise from our production activities. In 2013, we carried out the first part of an upgrading process to create better energy efficiency at our production plant, which has allowed us to reduce heating energy by more than 15%. More actions have already been planned for the coming years in order to save energy. The waste management of processing scraps is at full speed: we believe that what no longer has value in our company can find a new life with alternative uses in other businesses. On the other hand, what has become useless for other businesses can be used both as subsidiary and packaging materials by us. We are also working to reduce by at least 50% the impact of inert materials on active ones.

Charitable Activity

For many years NastriTex has been working in an international context and has gradually acquired a growing awareness of the social responsibility companies hold in society. In addition to their global function, companies play an important role in the network of any community. Only in this way can entrepreneurship lead to a ‘win-win’ logic, benefiting companies and the community as well. NastriTex has consciously decided to take on this responsibility and it commits itself to setting up policies to support this role. NastriTex supports Associazione Bianca Garavaglia Onlus, a nonprofit organization founded on April 28, 1987, whose aim is to raise funds to promote scientific studies and medical cures in the field of childhood tumors. In addition, conscious of the importance work holds for those with non-serious disabilities, NastriTex entrusts the social co-operatives with projects to assist in the production process.