Quality and Service are the fundamental characteristics of NastriTex.
Our team is focused on creating quality along every phase of the production process: from the purchasing of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product. Quality and good manufacturing practices are regularly controlled by our inner quality control department, to assure that each procedure is performed in the proper way to match each customer's needs.

NastriTex has a new approach to manufacturing materials for cosmetic machinery to ensure that they pose no health risks whatsoever. We are the first and only supplier that is able to sell its products with the OekoTex Standard 100 1st class certificate, which guarantees trust in our materials. This certificate is provided according standards set by European REACH and the Consumer Products Safety Commission ruled by US federal law (CPSIA).


NastriTex's goal is to provide reliable, fast and efficient service. The lead-time from order to delivery must be very short - 10 working days, or even 24h, if needed. Our strategy is Assemble-to-Order; we produce semi-finished materials according to the push system and we process and package the articles according to the pull (just in time) system.

Dedicated Lab

NastriTex's experienced technical team is able to maximize the customer production process, suggesting the most suitable material to use for each bulk. Our laboratory is well organized to test clients' formulas and we select only the most suitable items from our catalogues and prototypes. All results obtained include a detailed report. Confidentiality agreements are signed to protect trade secrets and sensitive data.


Nothing NastriTex does can be done alone, and all our technology would be of little use without the cooperation of our customers and the partnership of cosmetic machines manufacturers. There is never only one way to move forward. We can be helped by intuition, which is something that exists between imagination and experience. This is a quality NastriTex possesses in its discovering of innovative solutions with new materials for cutting edge cosmetics technology.